Major Series Lacrosse Commissioner Doug Luey has announced that Training Division Fire Academy has become a Partner with MSL commenting, “We are excited to partner with Training Division as an opportunity for our players to explore the opportunities available to them as firefighters. Lacrosse already has many players in the firefighting field, and this is a win/win for our league and players. We look forward to working with the Training Division Fire Academy in the upcoming year”. 

Training Division is an emergency services training company that was developed by firefighters for firefighters, fire recruits, and Emergency Medical Service personnel. As professional firefighters, the Academy founders understood the difficulty of trying to obtain firefighter certification, EMS certification, and professional development training. Recognizing the need - a fire and EMS training program was developed.

Training Division provides certification programs that are recognized throughout Canada and the world, with students from every province and territory in Canada taking advantage of flexible online programs that can be completed from anywhere in the world.  Training Division has an excellent academic reputation as academic excellence and skills mastery are the top priority. Training Division are proud to be a leading provider of Firefighter Certification programs for Canadians.

Training Division is also a partner with the Canadian Football League Players Association, the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, the Professional Lacrosse Players Association.  In addition, Training Division participates in the Game Plan Education Network. Game Plan is Canada’s total athlete wellness program founded by the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Sport Canada, and the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network. for information-

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Michael Cook Training Davison Associate