Chiefs score early to get by Kodiaks 10-7

The Six Nations Chiefs scored early to ride their way to a 10-7 road win over the Cobourg kodiaks Sunday.

Clay Scanlon scored just 0:55 seconds into the game converting a Charles Tommy Scanlon feed, followed by Cody Jamieson blasting a Brendan Bomberry pass just 0:58 seconds later.  The Chiefs continued the early blitzkrieg with Brendan Bomberry scoring unassisted at 3:24.  Ben McIntosh, who joined the team earlier in the week added another marker converting a Randy Staats feed at 9:07.

Cobourg finally got on the board when Tanner Buck finished an Aaron Woods pass on the power-play at 14:34, but was answered by Larson Sundown who converted a Cody Jamieson feed at 16:54.

In the second period, The Chiefs continued where they left off in the first with Lyle Thompson finished off a Randy Staats pass at 10:21.  David Anderson scored on the power-play for Cobourg converting a Carson Moyer pass at 14:12, but Thompson answered immediately scoring just 0:19 seconds later.   Brendan Bomberry increased the Six Nations lead but Carson Moyer answered again on the power-play at 15:30. 

The Cobourg Kodiaks opened the third period scoring with Carson Moyer scoring unassisted shorthanded just 0:38 seconds into the period.   Rowan Kelly, also shorthanded, converted a David Anderson pass to bring Cobourg within three goals at 4:38, followed by Scott Dominey in transition off a Jonah Boehm pass at 8:34.  

Lyle Thompson stopped the Kodiaks run scoring his third of the night on the power-play off a Ben McIntosh pass at 11:49, but Curtis Conley answered again to bring the game within two goals at 17:31.  The Chiefs put an exclamation point on the game with Tyson Bell scoring into an empty net at 19:28.