Lakers looking to Three-peat opening on the road in Brampton

Two time defending Mann Cup Champions General Manager Paul Day pulls no punches when he exclaimed, “We are excited to vigorously defend our Ontario championship and hope to be  able to defend our Mann cup back to back championships”.  The entire Lakers’ coaching staff led by Mike Hasen return and Day has added Kiel Matisz, Joe Resetartis, Justin Lemenke, Ethan Walker and goalie Mike Poulin to the roster.  Departures from the 2018 team are Mark Steenhuis and Andrew Suitor.

In comparison, Excelsiors GM Jon Lovell knows he will be relying on an exceptionally young roster of legs, in particular four graduating junior players – Jeff Teat, Travis Burton, Connor McClelland and Clarke Petterson.  Teat was regarded as one of the best Junior players in all of Canada last season.  Lovell noted, “The level of competition is so high, but the influx of so many young players should have an impact”.

 GM Day is well aware of the addition of the young talent to the Brampton line-up.  Day spoke with respect when he stated, “We are excited to get started against a young Brampton team that has a number of players that competed for the Minto Cup last season.  They have two of the best young players in lacrosse in Jeff Teat and Clarke Petterson.  However, we have added Kyle  Matisz who is a great leader and also added some young players in Justin Lemenke who was captain of the Hamilton Bulldogs – a junior hockey team that went to the Memorial Cup in 2018 and Ethan Walker one of the most exciting young players in lacrosse and a stand out at the University of Denver in NCAA lacrosse.  We still have a young group in Peterborough but we’re excited to use that experience of the past two years and have great chemistry to defend our championships”.

The first week of games  of the 2019 MSL season schedule (including tonight’s game) can be watched for free.  Go to for details.  Game time is 7:00 p.m.