Major Series Lacrosse advances concussion management with HeadCheck Health

League implements industry-leading app and web platform for concussion management

 Today, Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) is proud to announce a new partnership with software company HeadCheck Health, Inc. ('HeadCheck') that will equip all six teams with the HeadCheck Pro app and web platform for optimizing concussion management.

Prioritizing player health and safety, MSL will now streamline all concussion documentation, testing and management through HeadCheck. By adopting a digital platform, MSL is improving the tools provided to team staff for following League concussion protocols and advancing the care provided to all players.

“Implementing HeadCheck across Major Series Lacrosse gives us a modern, comprehensive concussion solution,” MSL Commissioner Doug Luey said . “We feel it's an important step in our efforts to grow the great sport of lacrosse and look after the long-term safety of our players.” 

"Helping the sport of lacrosse standardize and modernize their concussion care has been a longstanding goal of our company," said Harrison Brown, CEO, and Co-Founder of HeadCheck Health. "By adding HeadCheck, Major Series Lacrosse will help protect its players and serve as a great example for the sport.”

Running the MSL concussion protocol through HeadCheck's digital platform provides the league with unprecedented standardization and real-time oversight of the League's protocol in action. The digital collection of aggregate data can inform meaningful changes to policy and rules based on League-specific trends.

This digital setup keeps all individuals involved in concussion management informed and provides team staff, from Athletic Therapists to Physicians, with the ability to collaborate on care in a consistent fashion, in-line with the League protocol.

About HeadCheck Health, Inc.

At HeadCheck Health, our goal is simple: we want to prevent mismanaged head injuries. Our tools help all those involved in the identification, management, and care of a suspected concussion.

Whether at the amateur or professional level, HeadCheck’s end-to-end solutions enable organizations of all types and sizes to execute their current concussion protocols, support athlete recovery, and mitigate risk.

Join the wave of over 800 progressive organizations that HeadCheck Health empowers to make a difference in player safety, from professional sports leagues like Major League Soccer, the Canadian Football League, and the Western Lacrosse Association to your community’s sports teams and clinics::

About MSL

Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) is a Senior A box lacrosse league based out of Ontario, Canada sanctioned by the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

Most of the players in the league play or have played in the National Lacrosse League. Each year, the playoff teams battle for the right to compete against the Western Lacrosse Association champion for the Mann Cup.

The championship is hosted alternately between Ontario and British Columbia every year.

Media Contacts

Doug Luey, MSL Commissioner

(905) 925-5839

Andrew Ropchan, HeadCheck Health Marketing Manager 

(604) 256-6550