Major Series Lacrosse Players Dominate NLL Awards

Most followers of box lacrosse know or assume the Ontario based Major Series Lacrosse league is the player life line that supplies the National Lacrosse League.  If there was any doubt or debate to that claim, the announcement of the 2020 National Lacrosse League award winners and All-Star teams confirmed the importance and significance of MSL players to the existence of the NLL.

The names of players and team personnel who won their various 2020 NLL awards were totally dominated by players and executive from Major Series Lacrosse based teams.

MSL Commissioner Doug Luey

Major Series Lacrosse Commissioner Doug Luey commented, "It comes as no surprise to me that Major Series Lacrosse is so well represented in the National Lacrosse League awards. This is just another testament to the caliber of talent in our league and a credit to all the minor and junior organizations developing players in the Ontario Lacrosse Association."


NLL Player Awards

All seven of the NLL player awards were won by players who play for Major Series Lacrosse based teams. Three awards (Most Valuable Player – Shayne Jackson; Sportsmanship Award - Lyle Thompson; Goaltender of the Year- Doug Jamieson) were collected by players from the Six Nations Chiefs.  Two awards (Rookie of the Year -  Tyson Gibson; Teammate of the Year – Dan Dawson) went to players from the Brampton Excelsiors.  Three other players awards (Defensive Player – Graeme Hossack; Transition Player – Challen Rogers; Teammate of the Year – Mike Poulin are players with Brooklin, Oakville and Peterborough.

Most Valuable Player: Shayne Jackson, Georgia (Six Nations Chiefs)

Rookie of the Year: Tyson Gibson, New York (Brampton Excelsiors)

Sportsmanship Award: Lyle Thompson, Georgia  (Six Nations Chiefs)

Defensive Player of the Year: Graeme Hossack, Halifax (Brooklin Lacrosse Club)

Transition Player of the Year: Challen Rogers, Toronto (Oakville Rock)

Goaltender of the Year: Doug Jamieson, New England (Six Nations Chiefs)

Teammate of the Year: Dan Dawson, Toronto, (Brampton Excelsiors)

and Mike Poulin, Georgia (Peterborough Lakers)


NLL Executive Awards

Of the four various team personnel executive awards, two of the four awards were won by Paul Day – recipient of both Coach of the Year and General Manager of Year. Paul Day is the GM and a Coach with the MSL Peterborough Lakers.

Les Bartley Award Coach of the Year: Paul Day, Philadelphia (Peterborough Lakers)

General Manager of the Year: Paul Day, Philadelphia (Peterborough Lakers)

Tom Borrelli Award Media Member of the Year: Craig Rybczynski, Rochester

Executive of the Year: John Catalano, Halifax


NLL All-Star Teams

All twelve NLL All-Star player selections are from MSL teams.  Four players with the Six Nations Chiefs, three players off the Oakville Rock roster and Brooklin Lacrosse Club and two players with the Peterborough Lakers.

All-League First Team:

Doug Jamieson, New England, Goaltender (Six Nations Chiefs - MSL)

Graeme Hossack, Rochester, Defense (Brooklin Lacrosse Club -MSL)

Kyle Rubisch, Saskatchewan, Defense  (Brooklin Lacrosse Club - MSL)

Challen Rogers, Toronto, Transition (Oakville Rock - MSL)

Shayne Jackson, Georgia, Forward (Six Nations Chiefs - MSL)

Callum Crawford, New England, Forward (Brooklin Lacrosse Club – MSL)*

*Did not play for Brooklin LC in 2919 season. Playing rights belong to BLC

 All-League Second Team:

Dillon Ward, Colorado, Goaltender (Six Nations Chiefs - MSL)

Robert Hope, Colorado, Defense (Peterborough Lakers - MSL)

Dan MacRae, New York, Defense (Oakville Rock - MSL)

Kiel Matisz, Philadelphia, Transition (Peterborough Lakers - MSL)

Rob Hellyer, Toronto, Forward (Oakville Rock - MSL)

Cody Jamieson, Halifax, Forward (Six Nations Chiefs - MSL)


All-Rookie Team:

The NLL All-Rookie Team saw four of the six players with MSL roots, two players from each of the Oakville Rock and Brampton Excelsiors.

Tyson Gibson, New York, Forward (Brampton Excelsiors – MSL)

Andrew Kew, New England, Forward (Oakville Rock - MSL)

Connor Fields, San Diego, Forward (Oakville Rock - MSL)

Clarke Peterson, Halifax, Forward (Brampton Excelsiors - MSL)

Ryland Rees, Rochester, Transition (Coquitlam Adanacs -WLA)

Joe Nardella, New England, Defense (Whipsnakes -PPL)


Certainly, the NLL award winners and all-star selections support what most box lacrosse fans are well aware of - the very best lacrosse players in the world are from Major Series Lacrosse.