Major Series Lacrosse supports Iroquois Nationals

Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) and our clubs would like to express our overwhelming support behind the movement to include the Iroquois Nationals in the World Games and ultimately the Olympics. MSL certainly recognizes the efforts of all the governing bodies to bring our game to the international stage. However,  to exclude the very people who gave us the “Creators game" is plain wrong. The time has come for these same leaders to step up and right a wrong, especially in these times when systematic racism is in the news every day. Reconciliation is just a word if you cannot act and react to such an injustice.

What an opportunity for the stakeholders in the game to be true leaders and not followers in these unprecedented times. There are currently 17 players from the Iroquois Nationals that play Major Series Lacrosse. How can you even consider not having the best players, from the best league in the world not playing in the so-called World Games? 

Do the right thing, step up and correct this unjust decision.

Doug Luey


Major Series Lacrosse