MSL Announces Graduating Protected Players

Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) Commissioner Doug Luey has announced the protected graduating players from junior affiliated teams of each MSL member. MSL teams are allowed to protect as many as 4 graduating players from their junior affiliated team.  Not all teams chose to protect the maximum 4 players.  In total, 14 players have been protected. The MSL 2019 Entry Draft of graduating junior players takes place on Sunday, January 27th at the Cobourg Community Centre. Please follow here and @MajorSeriesLax for details.

MSL Commissioner Luey explained the purpose behind the protection list, "The number of protected players has remained consistent for the past few years and it has led to the parity we now enjoy in the league. Keeping it at 4 rather than the 6 it was before, has exposed many excellent players being eligible for the draft and this year is no exception. Major Series lacrosse looks forward to seeing these protected players in the line-ups of their respective teams particularly early in the season.”

Travis Burton
Anthony DrouinZach DybowskiChris BousheyEthan WalkerLayne Smith
Connor McClelland
Dawson TheedeSpencer PykeRyan Smith

Clarke Petterson

Steven Lee

Jeff Teat

Dylan Laprade

As many as 30 players will be drafted over 5 rounds by the six MSL teams. Entry Draft selections will be revealed via Twitter @MajorSeriesLax as they happen, beginning tentatively around 2:00 p.m.