Oakville Rock goalies win Harry Lumley Award

The Oakville Rock goaltending duo of Nick Rose and Craig Wende have taken home the Harry Lumley award for the least goals against in the 2019 Major Series Lacrosse regular season. The Rock goaltenders gave up only 145 against in 18 games.  The next closest team was Six Nations goalies who were scored upon 153 times.

By far, the 31-year-old Nick Rose was the Rock’s “go to goalie” as he played 996.28 minutes which equates to just under 17 games.  Keep in mind the entire regular season schedule is 18 games for each team.

It is not unfair to suggest the goals against is a team effort.  That being noted, Nick Rose had impressive individual statistics.  He recorded 9 of the 10 wins the Rock achieved, which was second overall in the MSL for wins by an individual goalie.  In addition, Rose had a 7.95 goals against average - second in the entire MSL.  Furthermore, his save percentage was .749, also second in the MSL. And finally, he made 525 saves, the most of any goalie this season in the MSL.

As Nick Rose’s partner, Craig Wende saw limited action, playing just under sixty-eight minutes during the season.  He did collect a win while recording an 8.84 goals against average.  Wende spent most of his season as a key member of the Oakville Titans Senior “B” team.  There, he collected 9 wins while finishing with a stellar 5.71 goals against average.