Oakville Rock lead the way as MSL supports Ted Higgins

Ted Higgins at his Happy Place - Watching the Lakers Play

(photo taken by Lance Anderson - "Peterborough This Week")

If you have the good fortune of knowing Ted Higgins consider it a blessing in your life.  Ted has spent a lifetime in lacrosse which has expanded beyond 65 years where he has made a positive impact in every way possible.  He has been a water boy, stick boy, player, team bus driver, team manager, team coach, team executive member, league executive member and team owner.  Beyond being a mainstay for Peterborough lacrosse, Ted Higgins is a genuine ambassador of the game of lacrosse.

In the summer of 2017, Ted began to notice some unusual shaking in his left arm. Initially, he ignored the condition but as it worsened - in January 2019, after a consultation with a neurologist Ted was diagnosed with the onset of Parkinson’s Disease.  Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder impacting balance and co-ordination which induces tremors.

Rather than wallow in self-pity, Ted Higgins being the person he is, has chosen to help fund raise as he is participating in the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, the largest fundraiser for the organization. You can become a member of Ted’s team (Teddys Troopers) donate.parkinson.ca/goto/Teddys_Troopers.

Having just passed the $3000 plateau, word was spreading to the lacrosse community about Ted’s fundraising efforts.  It has quickly taken a huge leap towards success with an exceptionally generous donation from the Oakville Rock of Major Series Lacrosse.   In making the donation Jamie Dawick (owner of both the Oakville Rock of the MSL and the Toronto Rock of the NLL) commented, “We are just doing our part. Teddy has been a great ambassador for MSL for a long time. When a friend/colleague in need asks for our support for a worthy cause, we’re happy to help”.

Jamie Dawick - Generous Oakville Rock Owner - "Happy to help a worthy cause"

In hearing about the generous donation by Mr. Dawick, Ted Higgins responded stating, “I am overwhelmed.  This is just amazing.  The number of friends who have stepped out to support me warms my heart in a way I cannot truly describe.  This particular donation was certainly not anticipated and is greatly appreciated, as is every person’s support”.

Doug Luey, Major Series Lacrosse Commissioner shared his thoughts about Ted Higgins and the donation on behalf of Jamie Dawick noting, “It is at times like this that I am so proud to be a small part of the lacrosse community. Anyone that knows Ted Higgins would not be surprised that he would jump in and help such a worthy cause. A true gentlemen and ambassador to our game his first thoughts are, okay I have PD, what can I do to help others? When Jamie jumped on board right off the get go you can't help to have your heart swell with pride of the amazing people in Major Series Lacrosse and the lacrosse community as a whole”.

Doug Luey - Commissioner Major Series Lacrosse - "Proud of amazing people in MSL"

Ted Higgins has always been a giver.  He has helped so many others usually with little recognition.  Recently, during the pandemic the world has been enduring, Ted made donations of food to people who are simply in need.  That is just who he is.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Ted Higgins was responsible for Major Series Lacrosse surviving in Peterborough.  Since that time the Peterborough team has won the Mann Cup in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Ted Higgins has been inducted into the Peterborough & District Sports Hall of Fame (1999), the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame (1999) and the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2005).   If there was a Hall of Fame for being a genuine all-round good person - without question, Ted Higgins would be in that Hall of Fame, too.

So, Ted Higgins – it is not surprising to those us who know you - Not surprising that you are stepping up to challenge Parkinson’s Disease - Not surprising that you are doing what you can to fund raise for the organization.  It may be amazing to you that so many friends are supporting you.  Not to those of us who know you Ted.

As you read this article, know you can help contribute to the efforts and become a member of Ted Higgins team (How cool is that – to be a teammate to Ted Higgins!).

Follow the team’s fundraising efforts and please make a donation at donate.parkinson.ca/goto/Teddys_Troopers.