Peterborough Lacrosse Community steps up in fight against COVID-19

The entire lacrosse community of Peterborough has come forward to help assist front line workers in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.  Front line workers have been the heroes of this pandemic working countless hours and putting their lives at risk.

To show appreciation and assist – all organizations of the Lakers lacrosse family (Major Series, Junior “A”, Junior “C” and the Minor Lacrosse Association) have joined to help front-line workers.

The initiative was initially proposed after a discussion between Major Series Lakers executive members Len Powers and John Grant.  The two lacrosse builders were looking for a way to contribute.  They felt the quickest impact would be the production of facial masks.

Within a few days, funding had been secured.  Along with the participation of Tim Barrie who sponsors both the Junior “A” and Junior “C” Lakers, the plan took fruition.

The masks were manufactured by “Uncommon Fit” who are a sponsor of Major Series Lacrosse.  The mask is of a 2-ply design.  With a background of the Peterborough lacrosse colours (blue and green) - as the photo displays - the words “PTBO STRONG” and “LAKERS LACROSSE’ are emblazoned on the mask.

A total of 450 masks have been distributed to 10 nursing homes within the greater Peterborough community. Distribution has included 7 nursing homes in Peterborough, 1 in Lakefield, 1 in Millbrook and 1 in Norwood.

If there is sufficient demand, there may be the possibility for lacrosse fans to purchase their own mask in the near future.

Major Series Lacrosse Commissioner Doug Luey commented “I applaud the efforts of the Lakers lacrosse family for taking this initiative.  In addition, it is not surprising to me that one of our MSL sponsors Jamie Plunkett and Uncommon Fit have played an integral part in this very worthwhile venture.”