Peterborough will be celebrating 150 years of lacrosse history

Peterborough Ontario recognized as one of the few genuine perennial lacrosse hot spots of Canada will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary of involvement in lacrosse.  The entire lacrosse community of Peterborough will be holding events to highlight this special anniversary.

Multi lacrosse Hall of Famer goaltender Tim Barrie heads a committee of diligent and committed workers currently organizing an array of events expected to take place during the beginning of the lacrosse season and culminating on the July 1st Canada Day weekend.  Mr. Barrie commented - “The week of celebration will include representation from every lacrosse organization within Peterborough. This includes field lacrosse (including both Trent University teams), minor field lacrosse (girls and boys), minor box lacrosse and box lacrosse from Junior up to the Senior (MSL) team. And of course, the Peterborough Lacrosse Alumni will play a pivotal role”.

 Tim Barrie - Committee Head

"The celebration will include representation from
 every lacrosse organization within Peterborough"

Along with Anniversary logo, the following press release was made available

“This year the Peterborough lacrosse community is celebrating 150 years of the oldest and most successful sport in the city’s history.
The game began here in 1872 with the first team the Red Stockings. Peterborough won its first championship five years later and since that time has won 29 senior and junior national championships and more than 150 provincial titles.
A local committee, headed by Tim Barrie, has been formed to celebrate the game’s anniversary with a big week of lacrosse being planned for the last week of June ending with the celebration of Canada’s birthday on July 1.A logo, designed by former lacrosse player Jamie Plunkett of apparel company UncommonFit, has been selected. The committee, made up of all local lacrosse organizations, is encouraging all businesses, fans, anyone who wants to join the celebrations to promote and celebrate ‘the fastest game on two feet’.  More exciting news on the celebrations will follow in the weeks to come.”


There is hope some of the Major Series Lacrosse schedule will include all six MSL teams playing part of the league’s regular schedule in Peterborough during this celebration of lacrosse.  MSL Commissioner Doug Luey commented – “I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy our governors unanimously supported the proposal to have all six MSL teams participate in the 150th anniversary celebration in Peterborough. This will be the highlight of our regular season and we are looking forward to the event”.

Doug Luey – Major Series Commissioner 

 "MSL participation will be the highlight of our regular season"

So, lacrosse fans - it might be a wise idea to book your hotel room, camp site or cottage - sooner than later - if you wish to be in attendance for what will undoubtedly be a memorable week of lacrosse celebration - particularly for Peterborough and the entire lacrosse community of Ontario.


(Written by Rad Joseph - Member of Major Series Lacrosse Media team)