Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) Canada's premier box lacrosse league is proud to announce our newest corporate partner, welcoming Signature Lacrosse into the fold for the 2020 season. This is the first league partnership in Canada for Signature Lacrosse after receiving CLA approval earlier this year.  Signature Lacrosse was founded by college teammates with a passion for the game of lacrosse.  Currently, they manufacture premium quality lacrosse balls, custom lacrosse balls and lacrosse sticks.  As a company built by former players who have all coached, played and been a part of winning and losing teams, Signature Lacrosse has a vision to be the most trusted brand in sports.

Brian Bohn, Director of Sourcing and Retail Sales for Signature Lacrosse commented, “Signature Lacrosse and Major Series Lacrosse are excited to announce a partnership, in an effort to bring the highest quality gear and preferential pricing to MSL players, teams and other Canadian lacrosse organizations. Signature has long been known for making the safest and most consistent ball in lacrosse as official ball of the NLL, CLA Championships, FIL World Championships, and most major NCAA teams." More recently known for producing excellent heads and sticks for the box game, their Signature Contract head being a favorite of many MSL players, including Dhane Smith, Andrew Kew, Connor Kearnan, and Holden Garlent.

MSL Commissioner Doug Luey stated, "The MSL is happy to partner with Signature Lacrosse for the upcoming season, through the Mann Cup and be able to offer our players gear at discounted pricing. Our ongoing objective is to grow and promote the sport and we really enjoy working with like-minded partners".

Daniel Soviero, CEO of Signature Lacrosse discussed the synergies between the two organizations, “We at Signature have always admired what Major Series Lacrosse has done for the sport we love, and are proud to be associated with all that MSL stands for. Our core values seem to mesh nicely, and we look forward to working closely with MSL teams and players, and are extremely excited for the upcoming season.”

One of the most significant aspects of this partnerships is players and teams and organizations can get exclusive savings on Signature Products!

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About Signature Lacrosse

Signature is a purpose driven lacrosse equipment company committed to elevating performance of the equipment, the athletes, and the experience of the sport. Signature innovated the lacrosse ball with the introduction of Signature Premiums in 2016. Signature is pioneering the development of the next line of equipment to revolutionize the industry and the team is committed to fulfilling on the promise to “leave your mark”.

About Major Series Lacrosse

Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) is Canada's premier box lacrosse league. Tracing our roots back to the early 1900's, MSL was formed in 1932.  Entering our 88th season MSL members have claimed the Mann Cup, emblematic of Canadian Lacrosse supremacy 59 times. Major Series Lacrosse is comprised of six teams: Brampton Excelsiors, Brooklin Lacrosse Club, Cobourg Kodiaks, Oakville Rock, Peterborough Lakers, and the Six Nations Chiefs.