STATEMENT: MSL 2022 season and leadership change

It has been a difficult time for Major Series Lacrosse to say the least. Despite that, we hope to press on with a 2022 season.

On Friday, the MSL Board of Governors were informed that the Oakville Rock have elected to take a one-year sabbatical, and that Doug Luey has stepped down as Commissioner.

First we would like to thank the Rock and owner Jamie Dawick for their tremendous contributions to not only MSL, but to the entire lacrosse community. We will still be in communication with the Rock and look forward to them re-joining us for the 2023 season.

We also want to thank Doug Luey for his contributions and the countless hours he has put into building MSL as a brand and guiding the league over the years, especially throughout this tumultuous time. Doug is stepping away for the betterment of the league and we stand behind him. We wish him all of the best.

On Saturday, the MSL BOG unanimously elected Lynn Withers as Interim Commissioner and Tina Manning the Chair of the Board. Lynn and Tina will work in collaboration with the remaining four teams - Brooklin Lacrosse Club, Cobourg Kodiaks, Peterborough Lakers, Six Nations Chiefs - and executives as we move forward and attempt to go forward with a 2022 season. 

The MSL BOG have also unanimously voted to have positive dialogue with the Ontario Lacrosse Association to move forward and request to play as a four-team league for the 2022 season. MSL is willing to sign an agreement with the OLA, pending approval of a four-team 2022 season. 

The hope is that MSL continues to play Sunday with the Cobourg Kodiaks hosting BLC at 6pm. Teams are reworking a balanced schedule that would see each team play each other four times. A schedule will be released as soon as possible.