We are back with the MSL Classic

After careful consideration, Major Series Lacrosse is pleased to announce that it will return to action with the MSL Classic. 

The MSL Classic will feature the Brooklin Lacrosse Club, Coburg Kodiaks, Owen Sound, Oakville Rock and Six Nations Chiefs. It will take place at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre beginning July 27, and extend to August 26.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be playing lacrosse of some kind in 2021,” MSL commissioner Doug Luey said. “This isn’t about a Mann Cup. The aim of the MSL Classic is all about preserving our game. We have been away officially for two seasons now and wanted to do what we could to get our present and future players back on the floor. Our players and devoted fans deserve that.”

Teams will combine veteran and younger players into their respective lineups. It will be a great opportunity for those veteran players to have an opportunity to get back on the floor, while having the chance to mentor some of the young, up-and-coming talent.

“We are really looking forward to watching the protected and selected players from the previous two entry drafts that we have not been able to see play,” Luey said. “It really is a unique opportunity and the team’s are just as excited to get going. This is also a reminder for the youth that MSL is a stepping stone to get that Olympic dream.”

The MSL Classic will feature veteran officials, and a number of trial rules, with the hope of a vision to unify all lacrosse leagues' rules of play. Fans will be able to watch games in person or online. The plan is to stream games, with a schedule for that to be released later this week. Fans also have the opportunity to attend games at the world-class TRAC facility. Admission is $10 adults, $5 for students and seniors.

“We hope lacrosse fans are excited as we are about this,” Luey said. “We know that MSL certainly is.”

In the coming days MSL will release its schedule, streaming details and how to attend games live.