With 12 picks - Cobourg Kodiaks look to MSL Entry Draft to add talent

Beginning their third year of play in Major Series Lacrosse,  Cobourg Kodiaks General Manager John Webb feels the team is just a couple of key players away from making the playoffs.   In their inaugural 2016 season, Cobourg had a 1-16-1 record.  In the 2017 season, the team registered two wins, but had at least four games which could have been won, if the team had more skill spread throughout the roster. 

Given their last-place finish in 2017, the Kodiaks do have the first overall selection in the MSL Entry Draft.  Through various trades, GM Webb has acquired seven additional draft picks to go along with the five draft picks that each MSL club receives for each of the five rounds of the draft.  In total, the Kodiaks have twelve picks including four selections in each of Round 3 and Round 4. 

Webb commented, "We are excited as we have the #1 overall draft pick this year.  We feel we are going to get a very good player with the pick.  With the number of selections we have, we can draft players that will compete for a spot on the roster.  We have legitimate expectations a couple of the draft picks can make the team this season".  With that in mind, do not be surprised if the Kodiaks make a pre-draft trade to acquire a player who can step into the roster immediately.

With a solid fan base, Cobourg had the second highest attendance in the MSL averaging 750 fans per game.  Webb is confident that will top 1,000 when the club eventually makes the playoffs.  The Kodiaks are currently the youngest team in the league and General Manager Webb assessed the team's talent situation stating "We are solid in goal and have a young team. We are at a point where we need players who can contribute that result in more wins now.  However, it's tough, really tough, the MSL is very good".

No doubt, Cobourg Kodiak lacrosse fans are hoping GM John Webb can acquire some of the missing parts at the MSL Entry draft on Sunday.  Draft results will be live-tweeted @MajorSeriesLax